Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Heard an interesting cover on the radio yesterday : No Doubt doing Talk Talk's It's My Life. Interesting because it was one I didn't expect. Also interesting because it works well. Gwen Stefani has that dramatic edge to her voice that fits the song well. I initially thought this must be another revival of the band with that certainly has the potential to be a hit single. Unfortunately it's from their album Boom Box, released two years ago.

The radio followed with the Eurythmics classic Sweet Dreams, which prompted a next cover thought. Marilyn Manson has made this a hit for an entire new generation, just like he did with Tainted Love. That one of course is a third generation hit. While a lot of people will think Soft Cell did the original back in 1982, they actually covered Gloria Jones, girlfriend of T Rex frontman Marc Bolan, who originally did it in 1964.

Hmmm 1964,1982,2001 and 1984,2003....would 18/19 years be the ideal age of a song to score a hit with a cover of it?

This posting triggers my mind and makes me wonder. 1985 + 18 or 19 is 2003 or 2004. But as fas as I know there has not been a cover of Paul Hardcastle's 19.

Something for you to find out, I guess.

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