Friday, November 04, 2005

A tribute is not enough for some

Was listening to the Kiss tribute 'Kiss My Ass' last night , which is in fact a very good and interesting tribute. With the contributing artists Extreme, Garth Brooks, Anthrax and Lenny Kravitz, amongst others, you can say it's a real all star tribute.

However, there's one thing that really made me puke and that's the inside back cover. It has a message from Gene & Paul "without the four of us this would never have been possible". While directed at their old band mates, it comes across to me as rather arrogant. To put something self glorifying like that on a tribute to yourself is just plain wrong!

Getting back to RoHo's comment with regards to Paul Hardcastle's Nineteen, I did in fact find one! A band called Presidents of Funk has done it. Haven't heard it, but it seems like a band who's only aim is to cover 80s tunes without actually writing any own songs. I would actually think that this is a hard one to cover, because of all of the samples. Did get this brainwave of some nu metal band updating it from Vietnam to Iraq. Would probably be called 26, which while "twenty sixsixsix" comes across diabolically nice, wouldn't actually fit the flow of the chorus. Slipknot, prove me wrong!